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We’ve teamed up with our favourite member-owned small companies and independent brands to create a second edition of Soho Boxes, made to enjoy at home or share with friends and family. You’ll find plenty of House favourites in the mix, such as our hand-finished crystal glassware or Cowshed essentials, combined with playful luxuries, from silk pyjamas to classic board games.

Meet the members behind our new boxes

We’ve worked with members from around the globe to create a selection of limited- edition boxes curated to surprise and delight. Meet just some of the imaginative brands behind them.


With a heritage in silk pyjamas, Asceno heroes effortless dressing, whether at home, in the office or on the beach. Founders Lauren Leask and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright, both members of Electric House, created their first loungewear edit in 2014, based on comfort, versatility and ease.

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With a passion for the pure, prized ingredients of premium Japanese sake and a love of travel and cultural diversity, Canadian-born Billy Melnyk and Dan Rubinoff, members of Soho Beach House and Soho House Toronto respectively, launched their drinks business in 2015.

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Kola Goodies

Inspired by the ancient wellness rituals of her South Asian heritage, Sajani Amarasiri, member of Cities Without Houses (San Francisco), launched a range of powdered vitality drinks in early 2020. Her bestselling Super Green Latte was cooked up in her mother’s Sri Lankan kitchen.

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Ocean Bottle

Will Pearson and Nick Doman founded Ocean Bottle two years ago with the launch of their award-winning reusable bottle. The sale of each one directly funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles from coastlines around the globe, including Haiti, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt. Both are members of Soho Works, The Strand.

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Lyre's non-alcoholic martini recipe

Served straight up from our Clear Head Non-Alcoholic Martini Box, this foolproof non-alcoholic recipe is best enjoyed in our elegant Barwell cut crystal glasses

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Wellness tips from Kola Goodies

Cities Without Houses member Sajani Amarasiri, whose drinks are found in our Ultimate Beauty Box, shares her favourite vitality-boosting tips

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