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When it came to planning Soho House Portland, our design team drew inspiration from the Victorian-style architecture in the surrounding neighbourhoods, nodding to these elements in the wallpaper, millwork and furniture design.

The industrial nature of the building - with its decorative red brick facade and tall windows - is reflected inside, focusing on texture and natural materials through the many features that have been carefully preserved. This includes exposed brick walls and recreating the original flooring in the club space using a new two-inch plank timber.

A rich use of colour separates the club from the restaurant, while glass finishes and layered lighting soften the space beneath the structural roof, inspired by Victorian greenhouse gardens.

One of the House's most notable features is the music room. As well as a permanent stage for performances and a green room, there's also a bar in breche marble, crafted using fragmented pieces of various stones in shades of purple, black, green, white and pink that inspire the tones used throughout the space. Rich grey-violet and sage-green velvets on the banquette are paired with bold patterned pillows to create a layered look with personality.