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Meet the Black Pound Day collective at Soho.Home.Studio

This November, browse a curated selection of Black-owned businesses at Soho.Home.Studio London, in collaboration with Black Pound Day

By Megan Murray

Alongside Soho.Home.Studio London's Member Market, this month, there will be the chance to shop handmade pieces from independent, Black-owned brands for in-store customers.

Until the end of November, we welcome Mum's Soaps, Flo London and Thirteen Months to the space, selected with the the help of monthly initiative Black Pound Day.

Black Pound Day highlights the economic imbalances of businesses with Black founders in the UK and works to uplift them, encouraging consumers to shop with Black-owned brands on the first Saturday of every month.

Shop an assortment of accessories, homeware and wellbeing products in store, and learn more about the stories behind these brands below.

Flo London, founded by Maawura Totoe

'I was born and raised in London, but I'm very close to my Ghanaian heritage, so I wanted to create something that allowed me to integrate that into everyday life. I use Ahwenepa Nkasa fabric across all of my products, including tote bags, scrunchies and cushions, which are all handmade in Ghana.

'West African fabrics often have proverbial meanings and this pattern means 'good waist beads do not make noise', which implies you should let your deeds or character speak for you. I like the idea of educating people on these traditions, and hope that they can take inspiration from them.'

Browse Flo London in-store at Soho.Home.Studio London until the end of November or online.

Mum’s Soaps, founded by Veronica

'Two of my four children have hereditary eczema, and five years ago I began researching ways to help them cope with it as they got older. Watching them in pain made me feel so helpless, so I experimented with making my own soaps, stripping out the chemicals found in shop-bought products.

'My son never gives compliments but after using my soap for a while, he said: 'Mum's soaps - they're good, you know!' The name stuck, and it got me thinking that other people could benefit and so I started selling them.

'I've studied to understand the science of it. I make each batch in my kitchen at home and choose the ingredients for their ability to reinvigorate the skin with moisture. The scent is also important to me - they smell so good that they take you to another place.

'My favourite is Coffee Break. With coffee extract, coconut oil and patchouli essential oil, it reminds me of mornings in Jamaica, sitting outside with my dad. Mr Slick is inspired by my son, and features activated charcoal and ginger essential oils. Each soap has a story.'

Browse Mum's Soaps in-store at Soho.Home.Studio London until the end of November or online.

Thirteen Months, founded by sisters Simone, Sophia, and Leah

'Our mum is from Ethiopia and we've loved visiting since we were young - it's like a second home to us. We're obsessed with the culture, from the food and the people to the traditions and craft.

'When developing Thirteen Months last year, we wanted to celebrate these cultural elements in our homeware products. Often, Ethiopia is viewed through a third-world lens, but this isn't a true reflection of society. In reality, it's an incredibly proud country and we wanted to support local communities by keeping our supply chain there.

'Our goal was always to grow organically and enjoy the process. Working with Black Pound Day and Soho.Home.Studio is an amazing opportunity. The chance to showcase African-made products on the King's Road feels really empowering and we want to continue bringing out pieces to physical spaces.

'There's also only so far you can go when displaying homeware online. We want people to have the opportunity to touch the fabrics and experience them in person. We love the idea of bringing traditional culture and history to a modern home in a beautiful way.'

Browse Thirteen Months in-store at Soho.Home.Studio London until the end of November or online.