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Lucy Kumara Moore on curating Claire de Rouen's Soho.Home.Studio installation

The director of cult bookshop, Claire de Rouen, brings a temporary space to the Studio for the month of November, filled with specialist and signed works

By Megan Murray

'Claire de Rouen has always been a special place for unique things, and Claire herself was an enchanting person. People still shop with me now because of how much they loved her,' says Lucy Kumara Moore of the bookshop she bought in 2012, taking over from its late owner.

Claire de Rouen was a well-known photography book dealer who opened her original Soho store in London in 2005. 'She was magical and magnetic,' says Moore. 'She had many friends in the industry who would sign their books for her or give her the first release of upcoming works.'

Moore's involvement was prompted by a dream in which she ran a bookshop - an idea that delighted de Rouen who invited her to help with the business when she sadly became ill. Since then, the direction of the brand has stayed true to its original focus on photography and fashion, while introducing some of Moore's favourite artists, too.

'I trained as a painter at Chelsea College of Arts and curate exhibitions, as well as sharing a contemporary gallery, Sion and Moore. I'm very curious and I feel lucky to meet amazing people, and get the opportunity to share their work,' she explains.

Moore's selection for Soho.Home.Studio includes travel photography, signed works, and projects by friends. 'Books allow you to travel in space and time,' she says. 'So, you will see lots of beautiful locations all over the world on these shelves. I've also included a book from a brilliant painter, Caroline Walker, who I went to art school with, so watch out for that.'

After closing in Soho, Moore moved the bookshop mainly online, but is excited about the new space opening soon in Hackney, east London. 'It will be a place to have conversations and share ideas,' she says. 'Almost like a library - we'll hold small exhibitions and you'll have the chance to see, think, talk.'

Guests are invited to browse Claire de Rouen at Soho.Home.Studio until the end of November. For updates on the new Hackney store, follow Moore on Instagram at @lucykumaramoore.