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House Tip: Tunes to Unwind playlist

Soho House’s Head of Music, Dom Chung, shares a selection of tracks to help you relax

By Corinna Burford

Music has the power to energise, trigger memories, and soothe. In this playlist, Soho House's Head of Music, Dom Chung, shares the tunes that help him wind down, starting with South African musician Miriam Makeba's 'Quit It'. There are also tracks by Nick Drake, Van Morrison, Khruangbin, Chiwoniso, and Serpent With Feet. Take a listen below and read Chung's tips for using music throughout the day.

Which types of music do you put on when you need to relax? Are there specific tempos, beats or styles that you’re drawn to?

'I'm much more into downtempo stuff when I'm at home or working, and I'm pretty open-minded in terms of genres. For me, there are two types of music: good and bad, so I try not to pigeonhole my tastes too much. Despite being a huge lover of dance music culture, I tend to avoid anything too upbeat or electronic when I'm winding down, as that's designed to be heard in the right context.'

Why is music so important when it comes to mood and wellbeing?

'The connection with music is a personal relationship. It can trigger memories - both good and bad - and help amplify feelings and emotions. I like that.'

What role does music play throughout your day?

'I love discovery. Every day I want to hear new music, and that's what drives me forward and keeps me coming back. There's never been a better time to have so much music available. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I hope this playlist can be an introduction to some new artists or songs.'

Listen to the playlist here.