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House Tip: Sweet and spicy flavours from Soho House Hong Kong

Add a kick to your next dinner gathering with these Thai and Korean-inspired recipes from our Soho House Hong Kong chef, Chris Thompson

By Corinna Burford

At Soho House Hong Kong, the menu is designed to reflect the city's diverse food scene, mixing Cantonese staples with dishes and flavours from around the world. Here, our Hong Kong Head Chef, Chris Thompson, shares two of his favourite recipes from the House: Crispy Green Peppercorn Squid and a Broccoli Rice Bowl with kimchi, charred sweetcorn, sweet potato, and yuzu kosho yoghurt.

Broccoli Rice Bowl with kimchi, charred sweetcorn, sweet potato, and yuzu kosho yoghurt

Serves one


70g broccoli rice

Olive oil for cooking and serving

1 lemon

40g charred sweetcorn

40g sweet potato, cooked and diced

40g sunflower seeds, toasted

40g Korean kimchi

Fine slices of spring onions

Salt and pepper

For the yuzu kosho yoghurt


100g Greek yoghurt

20g yuzu kosho


1. Finely chop the broccoli (green or purple) into rice-sized grains. Cook with a little olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper. Keep the texture crunchy and fresh.

2. Toast the sunflower seeds in the oven at 170˚C with salt, olive oil, and lemon zest.

3. Make the yuzu kosho yoghurt: combine the yuzu kosho and Greek yoghurt, then mix well.

4. Assemble your bowl with the cooked broccoli rice, corn, sweet potato, and kimchi. Top with the yuzu kosho yoghurt, toasted sunflower seeds, and spring onions.

Crispy Green Peppercorn Squid with Thai herbs and green chilli

Serves one

For the squid


120g squid, cleaned and crosscut

1 egg white

100g corn starch


White pepper

For the sauce


90g coriander

150ml oyster sauce

70g green peppercorns

110ml mirin

45ml sesame oil

40g ginger

60ml fish sauce

140g palm sugar

50ml rice vinegar

75ml light soy sauce


Fine slices of ginger

Fine slices of Thai shallots, washed

Finely cut Thai bird's eye green chillis



1. Cook all the sauce ingredients on a low heat for five minutes. Then, blend well and pass it through a sieve.

2. Season the squid, add it to the egg white, dredge in corn starch, then fry until crispy.

3. Coat the squid with the sauce while hot, then garnish with fine slices of ginger, Thai shallots, Thai chillis, and coriander.