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Introducing the Soho House x Lady Garden box

To honour Women’s History Month, we’ve collaborated with Lady Garden Foundation on a new self-care box, with 50% of profits going to gynaecological cancer research

For Women's History Month, we've teamed up with Jenny Halpern Prince, a Soho House member and cofounder of women's health charity, Lady Garden Foundation, to raise awareness and funds for gynaecological cancers. In the UK alone, 21 women die of a gynaecological cancer, and 57 women are diagnosed, every day - but awareness of the symptoms remains low, with many people embarrassed to talk about these issues openly. Lady Garden is on a mission to change that.

In the video above, we asked five members and ambassadors of the charity why the cause is so important to them, and why we must all join the conversation on women's health.

Inside the box

The Soho House x Lady Garden Foundation box is designed to boost sexual health and wellbeing. It includes bestsellers from leading self-care brands, including eco-friendly sanitary products from DAME and The Millionaire Vibrator from Smile Makers. Complemented by our favourite House Robe for the ultimate comfort.

For every box sold, 50% of profits will go to the Lady Garden Foundation - click here to purchase yours.

Below, we talk to Halpern Prince about her goals for the foundation, how she curated the box and the things you can do to get involved.

What can our members do to get involved and support?

'First and foremost, talk to your friends, family, colleagues and more about any gynae issues you may be facing or have concerns about. The topic of gynae health is often considered taboo or embarrassing, [but] it should be no different to talking about any other body part. Opening up the conversation leads to earlier diagnoses because you feel encouraged to visit your GP rather than avoiding the potential problem.

'In terms of the charity, follow us on Insta or sign up to our newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date with what we are doing. We always have various events or activities happening that you can support us with.'

How do you juggle your charity work alongside a full-time job?

'No matter what we all do, we need the discipline to get it done. I believe in a balanced lifestyle which is all about achieving satisfaction within work and philanthropic efforts, having fun with your family and friends, working out and mentally feeling in a positive state from all of that. There are roadblocks that come our way, it is how you react to them [that matters]. We need to be resilient and continue to fight when it gets tough.'

Why have we curated this mix of products together in the Soho Box?

'We are so chuffed to have a collaboration with Soho House and wanted to give the members a surprising and exciting mix of items in the box. There is something in there for whatever mood you are in, whatever stage of your cycle you may be at, and for how playful you may be feeling. Each of the brands are working hard within their arena to empower women and this is why we admire them all so much.'

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