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Introducing Lick x Soho House

Find out more about the Lick x Soho House collaboration and the inspiration behind each shade.

By Megan Murray

Using colour with confidence is one of the Soho House Design team's most important tools when crafting the look and feel of each House. Developing a palette that conveys a key inspiration or nods to a certain era, layering a mix of tones and patterns to create interest and using bold colours in an unusual way is how we like to bring personality to a space.

Whether it be the rich teal hue that wraps around 76 Dean Street's club bar, the contrast between navy blue and rust in Soho House Amsterdam's lounge or the mint ceiling in 180 House, embracing colour is part of Soho House's DNA.

We created Soho Home to give our members a way of bringing the design of their favourite Houses home - and now, our partnership with Lick extends this offering further with an exclusive edit of eight colours inspired by our clubs all over the world.

Founded by Soho House member Lucas London and fellow entrepreneur Sam Bradley, Lick is shaking up the home decor industry with a contemporary take on design, inspiring anyone to transform their home.

Looking to our Houses across coastal, city and countryside locations, Nick Jones, the Soho House Design team and Lick's studio team have curated a palette to reflect the different styles of Soho House globally - timed with refurbishments to give the clubs a lick of their namesake.

'From calming neutrals inspired by Soho Farmhouse to warming jewelled tones that echo Brooklyn's DUMBO House, the bespoke palette of Lick paints all works together and invites decorators to take a journey from House to home, with colour,' explains Tash Bradley, Lick's director of interior design.

'The array of shades within the curated palette are individually comforting and inspiring, with each colour having its own personality. Beige 02 Soho Farmhouse is soft yet simultaneously makes you feel connected to the outdoors with its rustic edge, while Pink 13 draws in light and evokes a lighthearted "country glam" feel reminiscent of Nashville's musical heritage.'

Indeed, each of the eight shades resembles its related House - for example, Green 05 Rome House's dusty green hue nods to the olive car that Nick Jones spotted outside the Italian site when first visiting, and proclaimed the key colour for the project. While Teal 03 76 Dean Street is a pigment-rich shade that you can see at the bar in Soho. It changes colour throughout the day, adapting to different lights to reveal its yellow, green and black undertones.

Order a peel-and-stick sample of your chosen colours or the whole palette online, or in a Soho.Home.Studio. As colour swatches are created using real Lick paint, they give an accurate representation of how the paint will look on your walls in different areas and changing lights, so our advice is to move them around the room.

Explore the Lick x Soho House palette

'Our Soho Home Design service helps members and clients bring the feel of Soho House home. Through consultations we can plan new layouts and furnishings, but until now we haven't advised on colour,' says Candy Murray, Lead Interior Stylist at Soho Home Design.

'Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room, so we have thought about how you can echo this refresh through materials, textiles and finishes, to build the look.'

'For example, Grey 08 Amsterdam House is a deep, rich grey with a blue undertone and would create both drama and cosiness in a living room. Try painting it on all walls and bringing that colour right up into the ceiling, too, which looks especially good with a mid-toned wooden floor.

'A colour like this looks great when balanced with warmer tones, so through materials, textiles and finishes I would encourage rich browns, rust and burgundy. Use a cream boucle sofa to ground the space, and use smaller pieces to bring in a variation of colours and patterns.

'Dial up the calming nature of Green 05 Rome House with varying shades of green around the room, focusing on upholstery and accessories. To really bring the scheme to life, another strong colour like deep burgundy can add a sense of drama - I would advise incorporating one of our marble coffee tables to execute this.'

You can buy the Soho House edit online or in our Soho.Home.Studios, or speak to our design consultants to create a scheme for your home.

Discover the inspiration between each shade here

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