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Convex Bronze Edge Mirror


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Sean Phelan began his craft on Lillie Road, Fulham in the 90s, gilding and restoring 17th-20th Century mirrors. With a growing passion for decorative interiors, he later began designing contemporary pieces. This led to his Art Deco-influenced collection of convex mirrors, where the curved glass plate of this style beautifully disperses light outwards, energising a room and bringing it to life. One of Phelan's bespoke convex designs hangs in our Main Barn at Soho Farmhouse.

The Convex Bronze Edge Mirror in Aged Silver has a bright plate with a wonderful dappled foxed finish. Both versatile and timeless, it suits many settings, from traditional to contemporary.

  • Large Convex mirror
  • Handmade, aged mirror-plated design
  • Designed by Sean Phelan at Mirror Gilding
  • Measures 96cm x 96cm x 5cm

In the studio with Sean Phelan

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