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Tasso Ultimate Candle, Pomelo


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Inspired by Soho Roc House in Mykonos and scented with Pomelo, our Tasso Ultimate candle features a pebble-shaped vessel in alabaster stone with a translucent finish that lets the light shine through. Each candle is hand poured in England using a blend of mineral and vegetable wax that provides a clean burn and long-lasting scent release.

Scent notes
Top: Grapefruit
Middle: Gardenia
Base: Patchouli

  • Pomelo fragrance
  • Hand poured in England
  • Presented in an alabaster stone holder that can be reused as storage once empty
  • Each piece is entirely unique due to the natural variations in the stone
  • Vegan-friendly blend of mineral and vegetable wax
  • Bespoke fragrance created by an expert perfumer for Soho House
  • Inspired by Soho Roc House