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At home with Anine Bing

The Soho House Los Angeles member, and founder of her eponymous fashion label, welcomes us to her Montecito home

By Tonje Kristiansen

Celebrating a decade in the fashion industry, Anine Bing has always understood the importance of creating a style that resonates globally.

Her journey, from establishing her label to settling into her dream home in Montecito, is a narrative of creating spaces and styles that are personal and resonant.

Bing's life at home with her husband, Nico, and their two children is an extension of this ethos. The house, which is a mix of classic LA and modern European design, stands as a symbol of the couple's shared vision, free from the influence of external designers.

The interiors reflect her fashion philosophy - a blend of Scandinavian minimalism, timeless Mediterranean style, and the edginess of American rock 'n' roll. This is evident in her collection of photography, featuring iconic figures such as Kate Moss, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and The Rolling Stones.

Bing's home decoration philosophy is about personal involvement and storytelling. Each item within it has significance. 'Our home is a collection of our life's journeys and experiences,' she says.

The Mediterranean mood is balanced by the eclectic mix of decor and treasured finds from the designer's travels, creating a space that is globally inspired, from the carpets sourced from Istanbul to the Danish sofa and Terry O'Neill photographs.

'Life is very busy, so home is our safe space where we can recharge,' Bing explains. She wants it to be welcoming and comfortable, not just a showcase for design.

Her penchant for blending vintage and modern elements is also evident in the Soho Home items she has selected. This includes the Arielle mirror in the bedroom - a piece that Bing feels adds a touch of elegance and history. 'It's more than just a reflective surface; its French vintage design brings warmth to the space,' she says. This mirror, along with other vintage-inspired Soho Home pieces, plays a key role in creating the timeless, yet modern atmosphere that Bing cherishes in her home.

The Soho Home pieces have been chosen for their ability to blend with the overall aesthetic of the house, while standing out as individual designs. Each item, whether it's the sleek, white boucle Aline sofas in the dining area or the marble Tisbury coffee table, contributes to the home's harmonious mix of styles. These pieces are an extension of Bing's fashion philosophy - effortless and timeless, with a vintage touch.

The decision to move from LA to Montecito was driven by a desire for a different lifestyle. Nico's preference for the town and the family's weekend explorations of the area led to their relocation during the pandemic. The process of finding the house was not without its challenges, but when they found the right property, it was an instant connection. 'It had everything we were looking for - the correct number of rooms, a guesthouse, a pool, and a studio, all wrapped in an intimate, welcoming atmosphere,' says Bing.

Her advice on home decoration is grounded in personal experience. 'Don't rush the process of making a house a home. Let it evolve with you, reflecting your journey and story,' Bing explains. Growing up in Scandinavia, the designer learnt the importance of a strong work ethic and an appreciation for simplicity. 'These values are at the core of everything I do, from my fashion line to the way I decorate my home,' she says.

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