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By Nimi Patel

Art is an integral part of Soho House; no room is complete without it. You'll find pieces in every room to build character and express each House's individual identity.

To help you create your own collection, we've collaborated with Shoreditch House member, interior stylist and M.A.H Gallery's creative director, Laura Fulmine, to bring you an exclusive edit of contemporary art. M.A.H (meaning Modern Art Hire) started as a fine art hiring service for the creative industry to showcase and support emerging artists through photography, installations and exhibitions. Browse M.A.H's curated art selection to welcome a sense of personality and sentiment into your home.

Sharon Drew

Captivated by expansive skies and sculptural twists of oak, Sharon Drew primarily works with acrylic on canvas, seeking visual metaphors in her pieces to encourage total immersion and full presence.
Shoreditch House member and M.A.H Gallery creative director, Laura Fulmine

‘Many artists don’t like the idea of their art just sitting in a gallery waiting for someone to come in. Most of our collections are being hired and used, and that’s what artists want – their work to be enjoyed.’

Carla ​​Noronha

Born in Portugal and now based in the UK, Carla Noronha’s artwork explores the notion of home. Through acrylic, oil and pastel, the artist plays with the concept of distorted memories and the connection between our surroundings and mental health.

Adriana Jaros

Through hand-painted collages, acrylic and sand, Venezuelan interdisciplinary artist, Adriana Jaros, uses colour and visual language as the means to connect with the world, elevate our senses, and enhance our wellbeing.

Formworks Studio

Founded by Jon Llewelyn in 2016, Formworks Studio draws inspiration from bold, geometric styles found in mid-century architecture, furniture design, graphic art, and the Bauhaus movement.

Lee Johnson

With oil pastel and gloss paint, Wiltshire-born artist, Lee Johnson, manipulates and paints objects that are close to hand; the daily essentials that make us who we are.

House Tip: Positioning art in your home

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