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Art is an integral part of our Houses to express each building's individual identity, while bringing a sense of character to every room. Our ongoing partnership with M.A.H Gallery founder and Shoreditch House member, Laura Fulmine, allows you to bring the House home through a handpicked selection of unique artwork.

Studio SPF

Studio SPF was born as an antidote for lockdown boredom between queer artists Tegan and Lottie, who take references from the image-saturated digital landscape.

Hannah Ludnow

Using oil on canvas, painter Hannah Ludnow looks to Cornish coastlines, light and the relationship between emotion and memory to form ethereal, abstract paintings that instill a sense of calm.

Peter Evans

As a multidisciplinary artist, Peter Evans collects found objects and materials from the streets or private spaces that can be reworked and presented in new abstract forms.

Joe Warrior Walker

Bristol-based artist, Joe Warrior Walker spent his childhood travelling across India, an experience that continues to inspire his artwork – which is influenced by landscape and movement – to this day.

Colt Seager

American painter and sculptor, Colt Seager, draws inspiration from the natural world. His work is rooted in a process-based approach, where textures, layers and expressive mark making are a direct response to the landscape of the Midwest.

Dan Cook

Dan Cook has a background in pencil, ink and digital drawing. His representational mark making connects with abstract painted gestures in brush, knife and relief with a strong connection to nature.