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Art is an integral part of our Houses to express each building's individual identity, while bringing a sense of character to every room. Our ongoing partnership with M.A.H Gallery founder and Shoreditch House member, Laura Fulmine, allows you to bring the House home through a handpicked selection of unique artwork. Our latest curation includes 40 one-off pieces from eight new artists, using a diverse range of styles and mediums from acrylics to mixed media.

Ed Burkes

Award-winning artist Ed Burkes references both current and historical surroundings in his typically bold, colourful paintings. It’s his belief that music, language and art all benefit one another mutually.

Alexandria Coe

Specialising in simplified figure drawing, Alexandria Coe ignites conversation by playing with the idea of womanhood and the stereotypes associated with it in her work.

Studio Earle

Drawing inspiration from the Abstract Expressionism movement, Earle of Studio Earle creates harmonious geometric and organic shapes to communicate personal narratives.


Alessandra Erica of Aeand works across a variety of mediums using natural materials. Each piece is rendered by hand to challenge the idea between art as a product, and vice versa, while celebrating the imperfections of the process.

Rosa Roberts

Rosa Roberts describes works from memory to paint her loosely figurative or abstract pieces. Each has an autobiographical theme with an emphasis on colour and bold mark making.

Louise de Lima

Creating abstract artwork that explores the transience in our lives, Louise de Lima explores how we can live separately, yet remain inexorably linked by the simplest and most profound experiences.

Karl Bielik

A dynamic artist, as well as founder and director of Terrace Gallery in London, Karl Bielik works exclusively with oil paints on canvas, linen and paper.

Joe Warrior Walker

Cornish fine artist Joe Warrior Walker spent his childhood travelling across India, an experience that continues to inspire his artwork – which is influenced by landscape and movement – to this day.

Alec Doherty

Alec Doherty recreates both his own and his friends’ childhood memories to produce vibrant caricatures, imbued with an essence of mischief, rebellion and naivety.