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Bar Cart, Brass


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Price £421 Soho Home+

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Inspired by the vintage bar carts found in the Houses, our drinks trolley provides the perfect solution for a well stocked home, pair with our glassware to give a look of sharp elegance.

• Bar Cart in antique brass finish
• Two glass shelves
• Four functional wheels
• Inspired by the vintage bar carts found in the Houses

How to stock the perfect Bar Cart

In terms of base spirits, start small and choose quality spirits that you personally enjoy. But if you're trying to please everybody, start with a good vodka, gin, tequila, a white rum and a solid bourbon. Then you can throw in a few modifiers like Campari, Royal Combier and St Germaine.

Instead of juice made from concentrate, keep hand-press juicers in your bar kit and squeeze fresh fruit as you need it, it's a simple way to improve the quality of your cocktails. Well-designed glasses are the key, use a crisp cut glass to give the look of sharp elegance.