‘Cosy’ must be Kelly Vittengl’s favourite word. New York born but a California girl at heart, the adjective peppers her descriptions of the interiors she creates both for her clients and for herself in Los Angeles and in her newly adopted neighbourhood, Notting Hill. For her, if a space isn't cosy it's incomplete and it’s one of the reasons she founded Frances Loom, her curated collection of antique rugs, in 2014.

‘I was going to flea markets a lot and shopping for clients - the first Sunday of the month was Pasadena City College, the second was Rose Bowl, the third was Long Beach and the fourth was Santa Monica! I was going through the markets and I realised that I had this infatuation with rugs. I was sending photos of them to clients and they wouldn’t want them, so I would buy them anyway and had this stockpile that I decided to launch a little online shop for. I came up with the name for the brand, launched the website, started promoting it a little bit more on Instagram – I didn’t really know what I was doing and everything just happened so organically, it just took off.

90% of my rugs are antique, no later than 1920 – there are a few that slip through that I like from the ‘30s and ‘40s, even the ‘50s. It’s the cosy thing. With rugs, especially antique rugs, I love how they’re worn down, that’s one of my signatures when looking for rugs, it’s really the most important thing for me. They bring so much texture and cosiness and warmth to a space. I really love history and I love thinking about where these rugs started and where all of that wear and tear comes from. I have no idea really but it’s kind of cool to imagine where these rugs were – probably in some great big beautiful home.'

'People think I’m 'Frances'! Probably about 50% of the emails I receive refer to me as Frances, which I totally understand. I was sitting at my desk as a designer at a fashion company and 'Frances Loom' just came out onto the paper. Frances was my mom’s middle name, which ironically she hated – although now I’ve rehabilitated it for her – and rugs are woven on a loom. I don’t really know how the two came together but it was definitely a free flowing, creative moment and it stuck and it works.

I came here about four months ago and prior to here I was in LA and New York. I lived on the Lower East Side in New York and in LA I lived on Venice Beach, both of which I loved - they’re really walkable, both have a lot of culture, good shops and restaurants, just a cool young scene. However, both have a real grittiness to them, which I appreciate, but I knew that in moving to London I wanted to be in what in my mind was the quintessential picture of London – and in my opinion that’s Notting Hill.

I loved how I had my LA flat decorated – white walls and indigo dyed African mud cloths and macramé with plants hanging all over the place – but I wouldn’t do that here. I definitely draw inspiration from the places that I’m in but something I’ve always done – again, going back to the rugs – is have solid, antique pieces. They just add something to a space because you can see they’ve been used, they’re worn, I like when there’s chipped paint, again it’s about texture.'

Take a walk

'Just walking around here, my eyes are all over the place – my boyfriend says I’m like a puppy walking about Notting Hill because I’m looking at door colours and brass door handles and the colours of the buildings, and it’s just so clean and beautiful. I know that Notting Hill used to have a grittiness to it, but it just feels so… I don’t know, one step above the neighbourhoods I’m used to!

Layer upon layer

‘Texture is one of the best things you can bring to a space, with the baskets and the blankets and the sheepskin, I love adding textural pieces to the space. I think layering is really important – putting a blanket on the end of the bed, over the edge of the sofa, having a little sheepskin on the floor or in a chair.’

Embrace the unexpected

'This footstool is not something I would normally have gone for, but I loved the colour of it. It’s not quite 'millennial' pink, but that blushy pink is so good and I love the brass detail on it too. Spaces can really change the way a piece looks.'

A sense of occasion

'I’m so excited about the Barwell crystal! The real story is that my boyfriend and I became obsessed with Peaky Blinders and we loved seeing them in their office or living room and they just have this beautiful crystal with the Scotch or the whisky in it. There’s just something about it, the novelty of it maybe, because it’s quite fancy which is quite a far reach from what I normally like. I just think it’s so cool and for me it’s like a nod to my love of history and how people used to live.'

'I love going to Golborne Road – there’s a couple of shops there, I love Phoenix, upstairs is antique furniture and lighting, downstairs is all curated vintage clothes, it’s beautiful. There’s an antique shop that has art and all of this crazy stuff, I’ve even found a few rugs there, but they specialise in old fireplace mantles, beautiful old marble, just stacked along the walls, it’s really cool.

My boyfriend and I love Electric Diner. It’s American inspired so when I want good old Eggs Benedict or French toast, we go there. Granger & Co is right around the corner from my house, I can’t stand the line but I love the food. Cock and Bottle is one of those places that is busy all the time - not too busy but I love how it feels like a neighbourhood pub because there’s always people eating lunch, there’s always people there in the afternoon, in the evening – it doesn’t just feel like an after work spot, people from the neighbourhood really go there. I just discovered The Cow which is a really cool pub on Westbourne Park with good food.

There’s so much inspiration pretty much on any street around Notting Hill for me. I feel like I’m almost transported to a different time when I’m walking around the city. I’m pretty close to Hyde Park and I love going for a walk or renting a bike and just riding through. The parks in London – that’s one thing I love, the park scene is incredible.

When I was younger it was very like "ooh I’m obsessed with this". I’m settling more into a certain style as I get older and I’m starting to realise that’s cosy. This London style, or maybe it’s just because I’m here, is like “ah, cosy, warm!” I used to look to exterior sources a lot more to pull inspiration, where now I’m learning to really trust my gut and trust what I’m drawn to because that’s what makes a home a home – it’s when it’s a true reflection of you.’

Electric House

Our West London club on Portobello Road sits above the Electric Diner and next to one of the oldest cinemas in London, the Electric