With so many different styles, shapes and sizes, choosing a rug can feel overwhelming. Here are the tricks we swear by when we’re hunting for ‘the one’.

1. Buy by colour, not by construction. Don’t worry about the technical elements, such as whether it’s hand-tied. Blues and reds are the most versatile and are a common colour scheme for the types of Persian rugs we like so much.

2. The shorter the pile, the more hard-wearing the rug. Consider this when choosing rugs for spaces with lots of footfall, like hallways.

3. With thinner, flat-woven rugs, such as kilims, use a pad underneath to prevent it slipping. Ask your rug supplier or search for one online.

4. When buying a rug for beneath a dining table, allow for at least 2ft of rug on each end to accommodate the chairs. For example, if you have a 10ft table, you need a 14ft rug.

5. Always consider doorways. Most doors won’t open over a rug, so choose your rug based on the size of your room with the doors open.

House tip: Don’t use chemicals to clean rugs. Dab with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar.



Comfort comes high on our list of priorities. We use lots of rugs, especially under beds, to add layers to a room and make padding around barefoot warm and homely. We have several styles we like to use around the Houses. Here are just a few.

Kilim rugs

Flat-woven and hard-wearing, we use vintage and new kilim rugs of all sizes around the Houses, but particularly at Soho Farmhouse, where we lay them over chunky sisal for added texture. They lie perfectly flat, thanks to their lack of vertical weave, so are ideal for places with lots of footfall.

Persian rugs

Vintage Persian rugs are heavily patterned, but incredibly versatile. We use them in bedrooms, next to baths or under kitchen tables. We generally opt for Qashqai or Kazak varieties for their appealing geometric patterns and deep colours, but anything with character works well.

Moroccan rugs

Fluffy, tactile and made in both neutral and bright colours, these traditional rugs are often the starting point when we come to design a room.

Jute and sisal rugs

These rugs are tough, which is why we love them. They also have a natural, rustic charm that works perfectly as a counterpoint in urban settings. Sisal is particularly good for hallways and dining rooms. Softer jute rugs in Little Beach House Malibu add some texture to our outdoor spaces.

Soho Farmhouse

See our rug collection in the cabins at Soho Farmhouse