‘I’ve always loved designing clothes. As a child, I made all my own clothes, I was passionate about fashion and loved a uniqueness to design. I also loved the ease of wearing cashmere, especially when it has a twist to the design. Because I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to design my own.' 'We were talking to Soho House about stocking some of our current collection in Soho Farmhouse. We looked at our existing designs and tailored them so they fitted into the Soho House aesthetic. It was actually a really easy, cohesive process, as Wyse felt so comfortable in the hands of Soho House.’

Why cashmere?

‘It’s the ease with which it can be worn.  It's light and elegant, and in fact very easy to care for.  It can be wool washed in a machine and just left to dry on the back of a warm radiator. On summer evenings it’s perfect when it gets chilly and in the winter it's great in centrally heated rooms. And against the skin of course it's beautifully soft and luxurious.’

Design inspiration

‘Really everything around me. It’s a feeling I get about things I like. I come from the ‘less is more’ school, a touch, a detail. I am constantly looking at what people around me are wearing, seeing if there is anything there. Whether a twist would make it work more. I love seeing how colours work together too. I love French style. I think they really pare things down and just always look effortless (I am half French after all!)’

Source material

‘All our cashmere is from Alashan in Inner Mongolia; it’s from the underbelly of the goat. The fibres grow over the winter months and fall out during the spring months.  Its then combed meticulously by hand to get rid of the coarse hairs, and then goes through the dying process.  We dye our own colours so we get the ‘right navy’ and the ‘right grey’.  I’m quite obsessive like that.’

Wear it with...

‘Everything and all the time!  For travelling it's cashmere joggers and a t shirt, plus maybe a cashmere bomber jacket to take on and off.  Dressing up is easy peasy: a sequin skirt and a neat little Breton style cashmere. Dressing down, a pair of dungarees with a sequin elbow loose fit cashmere casually worn underneath. In fact, that’s the joy - the dressing up or the dressing down. So easy.’

'Being the lazy West Londoner that I am, I go to new White City House which is very close to my home. It has everything there - a rooftop pool, bar, restaurant, cinema, and the most fantastic gym. I am a bit of a gym freak and am determined to get uber fit. I love to go and get my latte by the pool afterwards and have a Tuesday morning ‘meeting’. And obviously Team Wyse meetings are a must, for me it’s anything with Champagne in it, though I have been known to be persuaded to try the odd Soho Mule. Ouch!'

White City House

With bedrooms, bars and a rooftop pool, our West London House is located in the historic old BBC building in White City.