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The story of Barwell

Since 2010, the Barwell range has been synonymous with the Houses, from Greek Street in London to New York. It was designed by its namesake, Soho House Design's Managing Director Marcus Barwell, who created the concept while working across our West Hollywood and Miami clubs.

'Nick Jones wanted our US Houses to nod to old Hollywood glamour, so I looked to the 1920s for inspiration and sourced crystal glassware to bring the feeling of elegance we needed,' explains Marcus Barwell.

Vanessa Xuereb, Soho House’s Chief Membership Officer

‘Our crystal has become a symbol of Soho House – our members have laughed, cried, partied and much more over it. It’s been the start of some unforgettable nights.’

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Use different glasses from across the Barwell range to shape the drinking experience and add a sense of occasion, just as we do with every House cocktail
Crystal rocks glass for cocktails
Crystal rocks glass for cocktails

The rocks

Sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, a rocks glass is ideal for neat drinks served on ice or short cocktails

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Crystal Champagne coupe glass for cocktails

The coupe

There's a certain sophistication to a drink served in a coupe; useful for many drinking occasions, we like them for serving anything bubbly or cocktails without ice

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Crystal Champagne coupe glasses and Champagne marble bowl
Crystal highball glass for cocktails
Crystal highball glass for cocktails

The highball

A go-to for savouring the moment of a long refreshing drink, finished with a fruit garnish

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How to throw a drinks party

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