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By Megan Murray

In Soho House Rome, dark green marble bars offer a charming place to enjoy a drink, while Soho House Paris welcomes members with a warming orange marble reception. This natural stone adds character and depth to a space, whether it be one of our club lounges or your own home.

The first thing to note on marble is that no two pieces are the same. From Dark Emperador, a brown stone sourced in Spain with white veins, to cream-toned Kunis Brescia found in Greece, each rock features a variation in colour, tone, and shade.

When it comes to understanding these variations, there are common features you'll notice in most marble products. Fissures, for example, are extremely narrow openings that can be present in the marble. They appear as slim, winding breaks that may go into the depth of the stone, or entirely through.

Marble is known and loved for its intricate veining, which gives it its patterned appearance. As the rock isn't manufactured, it's impossible to control this effect or authentically replicate it to exactly match another piece. We think its uniqueness is one of the things that makes it most special, and when embraced, the difference in veining can give depth to a scheme.

Where has my marble piece been sourced from?

Soho Home marble pieces are sourced from all over the world. While some of the biggest marble sites are in India and China, most of ours comes from Europe - mainly Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Every marble product comes with details of its provenance and its characteristics, so you know the story behind your purchase.

How should I care for my marble piece?

Soho Home marble pieces are unsealed; a decision chosen to enhance how the raw, honed stones will age over time and with use. As it is a porous material, be careful not to get your marble items excessively wet, stained or scratched as they will become marked. We think that the inevitable signs of wear are all part of marble's charm, but it helps to act with caution. For example, always use a coaster when placing glasses or mugs on it to avoid heat marks and water rings, and clean a spillage immediately.

Wipe your marble piece with a damp cloth regularly to keep it clean. Never use aggressive cleaning products, particularly those with bleach or acidic detergents, and don't try to remove marks with steel wool or abrasive paper. After wiping, finish with a dry lint-free cloth.

Can I move my marble piece once it’s been delivered?

Our solid marble pieces are extremely heavy, with some weighing up to 220kg. For this reason, we don't advise moving them after delivery. If you do need to rearrange an item in your home, please disassemble it first and support each section from the centre to avoid cracking.

Read our tips below on how to accurately measure your space before delivery

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How to style marble in your home

Whether it be a floor lamp or decorative tray, marble can elevate your home. The way it's used and styled depends on the space, but there are some overarching ideas that you can borrow from our Houses.

Here, Soho House Lead Designer, Severine Lammoglia, shares some quick tips that her team uses when designing.

Be bold

'Marble is a completely unique material - no two slabs are the same. So, see it as an opportunity to create a feature. In our Houses, we choose marble varieties with pronounced veining, rich tones or multi-colours. Be brave with it.'

Hone in on accessories

'People often think of marble as a material for a kitchen or bathroom, but we love using it in lounge spaces. Especially in a compact space, like an apartment, a marble coffee table or decorative items like a tray bring a room together.'

Break it up

'When using marble for floors or bigger surface areas, we introduce a variety of stones for an eclectic look. In 180 House, onyx brings a glamorous 1970s feel, while in Rome we mixed in travertine for its relevance to Italy.'

Our designers share more creative ways to incorporate marble into your home, read here.

Visit us in our studios

Our studios have selected marble products on display that you can see in person. Find out more here.