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Tonka and Florum

The warm floral scent of our Tonka and Florum candle is reminiscent of long soaks in the tub at Babington House, with soft notes of Hyacinth, Mimosa and Jasmine designed to relax and restore. Vessels add a tactile note, via Verona's handcrafted fluted marble, or Turin's blackened brass

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Ben Neville, Soho House Lead Designer

‘Whether crafted from marble or antiqued brass, these candles complement the decor of our Houses, each working as standout piece’

Leather and Oud

From intimate gatherings to relaxed suppers, our Leather and Oud fragrances brings the mood of our city Houses to life. Warm, woody base notes, including Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk, evoke post-dinner unwinds at Soho House Hong Kong. Available in Verona, a deeply veined, smooth green marble vessel, and Turin's antique brass with an alabaster lid

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Bergamot and Mandarin Zest

Taking its cue from Soho House Barcelona, the Bergamot and Mandarin Zest scent features rejuvenating notes to motivate and refresh. Handcrafted Bianco Alabaster vessels, each uniquely carved and available in three sizes, produce a mellow glow of light and add a tactile, organic note to a room

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The Fireside candle evokes the warm, comforting scent of a log fire flickering in the hearth at Babington House. Notes of Charcoal and Cedar lace with a grounding, earthy base of Leather and Moss to create an inviting aroma. A blend of mineral and vegetable wax ensures long burning and good scent release.

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