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Bathroom refresh

Here, our experts share advice on decorating your bathroom the Soho House way. View the gallery for bathroom inspiration and ideas taken from our Houses around the world.

Whether you're a shower or a bath person, the simple act of getting clean can be an everyday moment of rest, relaxation, or rejuvenation - if you get the basics right. The bathrooms in the Houses range from rustic to industrial, but we always spend time on the essentials - like fluffy, Frette-made white bath linen and robes, flattering lighting, useful bathroom furniture and plenty of Cowshed bath products to turn a morning shower or bedtime soak into a mini spa experience.

We asked Soho House Design Director Linda Boronkay how she approaches designing the bathrooms in the Houses and for simple tips to reboot yours. Read on for her advice on bathroom decoration and view the gallery to explore some of our most beautiful Soho House bathrooms, from Babington House to Soho Beach House.

1. Instant Updates

'A new wall colour will instantly give a fresh new look to your room. Rugs, cushions and curtains have big power as well, determining the atmosphere of a space. Mixing big patterns is very risky and rarely works.'

2. Lightbulb Moment

'If you're doing a bigger bathroom renovation, consider the function of the space, the amount of daylight and the orientation of the room. Lighting is key, especially adding table and floor lamps with interesting shades with character. Remember to avoid strong and cold light when choosing your lightbulb!'

3. Wall & Floor Tiles

'I love geometric patterned tiles on the floor or walls and textured handmade tiles on walls. I love the use of terrazzo at the moment in every shape, scale and form, on both floors and walls.'

4. Take Some Brass

'Brass is very versatile. It can look both contemporary and traditional depending on the amount we use and what we pair it with. Chrome is considered more modern, but we also use it in our Soho House Amsterdam project which has Art Deco characteristics. It all depends on the style of sanitaryware you are using and the rest of the finishes in the room.'