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Visit Sarabande artists’ new roving installation at Soho.Home.Studio

Eight creatives will be showing their works in the south-west London space across May and June in collaboration with Soho House’s social responsibility programme

By Megan Murray

Across May and June, Soho Home and Sarabande will come together to create a temporary installation in our King's Road space as a selection of the foundation's artists display their work and spend time in-store.

The Sarabande foundation was established in 2006 by the late fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen, to support a range of creatives, from jewellery designers to dancers, with scholarships and studio space.

With a united aim to champion creativity and nurture the next generation of artists, our social responsibility programme, House Foundations, will support Sarabande's work in helping early-stage artists in need of financial aid.

'We are thrilled to be working with the foundation,' says Jamila Brown, Head of House Foundations. 'Sarabande's 2022 cohort has joined our Soho Fellowship programme, providing memberships for creatives that gives access to our spaces, programming and network with the goal to elevate and accelerate their creative projects over a 12-month period.'

Eight artists will appear in the space in total, switching every two weeks, inviting the public to come and see their various works across art, fashion, craft, jewellery, and more. Installations will include home accessories and furniture from Martina Spetlova, shadow puppet chess sets by Kirico Ueda, intricate floral paper creations by Alice von Maltzahn, and embroidery pieces from Aurora.

For the Chelsea Flower Show, Stephen Doherty's ink flowers and Christopher Thompson Royds' golden floral wall sconces will be on display. Joining them are Shaina Craft whose oil paintings will challenge the perception of the human form, and Katy Mason with her upcycled jewellery and sculptures.

Artists will be in and out of the space from Wednesday to Sunday each week, so feel free to say hello and ask them about their craft.

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