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Wake up in Soho House Nashville with Karen Elson

We join the British singer-songwriter to talk about how the building’s interior is inspired by the spirit of the city

'Everyone is a closet musician here - it's hard not to notice the creativity,' says Karen Elson, supermodel, singer and Soho House Nashville member, of the city she has called home for the last 15 years. Indeed, Music City - as Nashville is also known - has a storied past with icons from the country, rock and pop genres.

It's a history that, when designing the House here, was too powerful for the Soho House Design team to ignore, and even inspired furniture pieces such as the Archway Bed, found in the new bedrooms and now available on Soho Home. For example, the curved line detailing on the headboard echoes the stripes on musical legend BB King's guitar.

But the Archway isn't the only act of design that took its cues from famous performers. Conceptual nods to that striped guitar fingerboard include tiled lines on the flooring by the pool, while the 'country glam' of the southern music scene comes through in the ruched silk walls and deep olive-green velvet seating in the cinema.

Walking around the space, Elson muses on what home means to her: 'Community is my biggest extravagance. I love having people over to my home. I love creating a menu, making my house look gorgeous and entertaining. That's probably when I'm in my element. I'm the hostess with the mostess, for sure.'

Creating a space for bringing people together that encapsulates a southern sense of hospitality was key for the Soho House designers. Curved seating in tactile fabrics similar to the Luciana sofa and Clyde tub chair offer a comfortable place to talk for hours, while solid marble coffee tables ground and sit at the centre of social spaces.

Advice for recreating the feel of Soho House Nashville's aesthetic in your home includes using a colour palette of earthy, warm tones and fresh greens, mixing rustic finishes with materials like boucle and velvet. Plus, multi-layered lighting, incorporating pieces like the Bari floor lamp with statement chandeliers.

'Layers were essential in creating a balance between homeliness and a touch of rock 'n' roll,' says Soho House Lead Designer, Harriet Liley. 'In the bedrooms, for example, we used a base of whitewashed ceilings, rustic, reclaimed timber flooring and exposed brickwork, contrasted with large, cut-glass chandeliers, and lots of velvet and decorative trims.'

Learn more about the design decisions behind the creation of Soho House Nashville and shop the products used in the club here.

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