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How to enhance the atmosphere of your space throughout the day

Our experts share their tips for enjoying your home at different times using scent, lighting, and music

By Megan Murray

In the Houses, we enjoy creating spaces that take our members from morning through noon and into the night in a relaxed home away from home. With a mixture of ambient lighting, the right music and tasty food and drink, our spaces continue to evolve.

Optimise your daily rituals by building atmosphere at home in sync with the time of day. Here, our in-house experts offer advice on creating a mood no matter what hour it is.


Mornings in the Houses are designed to be simple. It's all about feeling relaxed, comfortable, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.


To begin brushing the cobwebs away, partially open your curtains or blinds to let in some daylight. Couple this with a bedside lamp for a mix of soft and natural lighting. 'For the first few hours of the day, my body needs time to wake up,' says Candy Murray, Soho House's Interior Style Manager.

'In the kitchen, for example, under-cupboard lights are ideal for making that first cup of tea. And around the house, it's all about floor lamps to create a glow in the corner of a room.'


'Mornings for me are about easing into the day, so musically I'm drawn to songs that encapsulate that and feel relaxing,' says Dom Chung, Soho House's Head of Music.

Try listening to Chung's Morning playlist on Spotify, featuring songs such as 'Summer Winds' by Rob Kirk and 'Plain Sailing' by Tracey Thorn.


Home fragrance is an important tool for creating atmosphere, and Soho Home's Bergamot & Mandarin Zest is a great energiser for the beginning of the day. 'Scent has the ability to bring a space to life and set the mood,' says Soho House's Home Fragrance Manager, Alice McGhee.

'Bergamot & Mandarin Zest has citrus notes of bergamot, lime and mandarin, alongside jasmine, neroli, and smoky musk. It's warm but fresh, and works all over the house.'


By noon we're usually up and about, ready to eat lunch, and get on with some work. The atmosphere at this time of day should be optimistic and energising.


'In the middle part of the day, lighting needs to be more directional,' says Murray. 'Perhaps you're making lunch, reading or doing some work - you'll need a light source with a hard shade that you can move around.'

'Soho Home's Arc Floor Lamp is great for reading, and table lamps such as the Luigi or Adriana offer a slightly stronger light. I also like pendant lights, such as Soho Home's Flecs design, for hanging overhead in a kitchen or living space,' she says.


Music should be transient and bring a smile to your face as you work on different tasks. 'I listen to eclectic music in the day,' says Chung.

'I like radio stations such as NTS, or Luke Unabomber on Worldwide. If I'm listening to playlists, I'm drawn to more Balearic or downtempo styles, which I find appropriate for that time of day,' he continues.

Chung's Noon playlist on Spotify showcases breezy tracks for easy daytime listening, like 'When I'm In Your Arms' by Cleo Sol and 'Cherish The Day' from Sade.


When burning a candle throughout the day, a heavy, rich scent could become overwhelming. Opt for a light fragrance that can dissolve into the background, such as Soho Home's Rose Water.

'Inspired by the Walled Garden at Babington House, our Rose Water scent has delicate notes of geranium, lemon and bergamot, with guaiac wood, musk and ginger for a hint of spice,' says McGhee.


The mood of our Houses changes throughout the day, but mostly our members look forward to night time. The lights go down, the ambience is dialled up, and music is played. Recreate this at home with great lighting options and rich scents.


'In our Houses, evenings are best spent around an open fire. Upstairs at 76 Dean Street, the light in our lounge space is magic when a fire is roaring, so recreate this at home if you can,' says Murray. 'Candlelight is another crucial element for preparing the home for nights. I suggest grouping an odd number of long candlesticks and holders in the centre of the dinner table when entertaining.'


When selecting music for a casual dinner with friends, Chung recommends a playlist that complements rather than dominates the setting.

'I like the music to sit in the background during dinner; it should add to the ambience, but not be too noticeable in style or volume,' he says.

Chung's Night playlist on Spotify is perfect for evening gatherings, with music from Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys.


Our Leather & Oud home fragrance is inspired by evenings in Hong Kong, looking out at the skyline. With notes of oud, patchouli and sandalwood, it's the ideal scent for night time.

'Deeply aromatic, Leather & Oud brings a sense of occasion and drama to an evening get-together. As it's quite heavy, I'd suggest placing it in the entrance hall for guests to enjoy as they arrive,' explains McGhee. ­

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