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Our wellness tips

Enhance your energy and creativity with a combination of movement, mindful snacking and stress management. Sajani Amarasiri, founder of Kola Goodies, shares her essential mantras:

Express gratitude and joy

Try to do something that brings joy at least once a day- whether it's calling family, meeting new people, or reaching out to old friends, even if it's virtual. It can also be helpful to maintain a gratitude journaling practice, to track the things in life that keep you inspired.

Manage stress

In order to increase vitality and energy, keep an eye on your stress and cortisol levels. Unwind by watching comedy or laughing with friends. It's hard to feel stressed when you're smiling. Try a mindful walk once a week too. Leave your phone at home, and notice everything around you, including the steps you take. Embrace the natural beauty that might otherwise be easy to miss.

Snack better and stay hydrated

Switch to healthy snacks and incorporate healthier fats. Five to six raw cashews are one of my all-time favourite snacks for a quick energy boost. Drinking water is also important - I recommend choosing it over sports drinks for example. But don't shy away from indulging at times, as that's also a great wellness boost. It might be a cheat meal, a cocktail, or a reality TV session. The key is to be kind to yourself and listen to your body's needs.


Try to set aside 10-15 minutes each day to meditate and be still with your thoughts.

I am still trying to get better at it, but even a few minutes helps me to quieten my inner critic. It's a skill that takes practice, but it is so worth it if you stick to it. There are so many helpful tools, such as apps, to help you get started.

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