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House Tip: Easy ways to refresh your living space

Breathe new life into your home with these 5 simple decorating tips from Soho House’s Senior Interior Designer, Staver Kaufman

Our living rooms, once reserved for relaxing and socialising, now also serve as our home offices, bars and gyms, and many of us are growing tired of looking at the same four walls. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to redecorate your living room, and January is the perfect time to start. To help you get inspired, Staver Kaufman, one of Soho House's Senior Interior Designers, shares five quick and easy tips for transforming your living area.

Create an atmosphere

'Interior design is just as much about how you feel in the space as the pieces that are in it,' says Kaufman. To start, look to your light sources. 'For lamps that aren't on a dimmer, I like to use lower wattage bulbs to create atmosphere at night,' she says. No need for a full living room makeover, small accessories can also make a big impact. 'Something like a beautiful candleholder or glassware immediately elevates having a meal in your home.'

Switch out your lampshades

'Lampshades are such a missed opportunity. Often, a lamp will come with a white hardback shade, but I always recommend swapping these for something more interesting,' she says. For a bohemian feel, look for gathered, printed shades. Or for a classic look, opt for simple linen bell or cut corner options. Get inspiration from our selection of table lamps and floor lamps.

Play with proportions

Try varying height and scale within the living room. 'Adding tall elements to a space is often unexpected and adds visual interest,' says Kaufman. 'This could be a big plant in the corner or a large mirror or art piece.'

Edit and organise

'Decluttering is the fastest way to freshen up a space,' says Kaufman. Start small and invest in storage that adds character to your home decoration. 'This could be a great vintage wine rack or an ottoman.'

Experiment with colour

Play with new colours and patterns to update your living room. If colour is intimidating, throw cushions and throw blankets are a great place to start. 'They can quickly transform an old sofa or chair and can just as easily be swapped out,' she says.