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Two Soho House Lead Designers, who have worked on Houses across the globe, share practical tips on how to bring the Houses' signature lighting and ambient glow to every room in your home.

‘At our Houses, we love flattering, low lighting coupled with candlelight – it’s key to keeping things intimate and cosy’

Ben Neville, Soho House Lead Designer

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Living room

Layer up with a mixture of mood lighting via dimmable lamps, chandeliers and candlelight

'We hang pendants lower than usual over a table to focus the event of dining'

Harriet Liley, Soho House Lead Designer

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Dining spaces

Eat and entertain under mottled globe pendants or statement chandeliers

'We like using gathered linen or silk shades, and we're currently using a lot of natural materials such as raffia or rattan'

Ben Neville, Soho House Lead Designer

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Set the mood with aged brass, wall-mounted lights or sculptural table lamps

Lighting your home the Soho House way

Read in full Ben Neville and Harriet Liley’s tips for lighting your home the Soho House way.

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