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Burleigh Blue Arden, Plate, Set of Four


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Burleigh's Creative Director, Steven Moore says 'Blue Arden was first introduced in 1862 when it was known as 'Hawthorn.' We made so much of it for 'Arden's Tea Rooms' that eventually it became known as 'Arden' in the factory and the name stuck.' With intricate cobalt blue hawthorn blossoms on a pure white background, Blue Arden reflects the Victorians' fascination with traditional Chinese porcelain patterns. Mix and match as we do at Little House Mayfair with Burleigh's Blue Asiatic Pheasants, Pale Blue Felicity and Blue Regal Peacock china.

• Set of four earthenware side plates with gently scalloped edge
• Made by British pottery firm Burleigh
• Decorated with Burleigh's Blue Arden pattern featuring hawthorn blossoms
• Inspired by Little House Mayfair