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Limited Edition Bassett Sicilian Thyme Candle, 650g


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Aromatic, warm and bright, the large limited-edition Sicilian Thyme Bassett candle blends notes of Lemon, Thyme, Pine and Lavender, with a hint of red fruit. Undertones of Patchouli and Amber round it off to capture the essence of Italian breakfasts on the morning terrace at Soho House Rome. The large glass vessel features a bespoke label designed by our in-house creative team, with abstract motifs that depict the signature scent and reference the cut-outs Henri Matisse created in the last decade of his life. Use the candle to fill your home with an uplifting, long-lasting aroma.

Scent notes
Top: Thyme
Middle: Pine
Base: Amber

  • Limited-edition large candle with Sicilian Thyme fragrance
  • Glass vessel
  • Mineral wax fill
  • Hand-poured in England
  • Bespoke label designed in-house
  • Abstract motifs of each scent
  • Bespoke fragrance created by an expert perfumer for Soho House
  • Fill weight 650g
  • Inspired by Soho House Rome