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Verona Candle Jade Marble, Pomelo


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Uplifting and vibrant, the Pomelo fragrance is reminiscent of freshly peeled citrus. Grapefruit and Mandarin give way to a floral heart of Gardenia and Jasmine, while a hint of Musk and Patchouli lingers in the background, transporting you to the beachfront of Soho Beach House Miami.

The wax is hand poured into our solid Jade marble vessel. Natural variations within the marble make each one unique and a standalone feature for a mantlepiece or bookshelf in your living space.

• Small candle with Pomelo fragrance
• Solid jade marble vessel with natural variations
• Hand poured in England
• Vegan-friendly blend of mineral and vegetable wax
• Approximate burn time: 25 hours
• Bespoke fragrance created by an expert perfumer for Soho House