The decorations might be down but there’s an easy way to put the glow back into your home – Tala’s LED bulbs. This young British lighting brand cares as much about sustainability as great design, which is why we use their bulbs in all our UK Houses. Good-looking and good for the planet, they’re ideal for starting 2018 as you mean to go on. We asked Tala's founders to share the story behind the brand and explain why sustainability is an essential part of their DNA.

'We all studied subjects at university that reflected our shared passion for design, technology and sustainability. After graduation, we spent a summer installing solar panels at a winery in Porto and felt the project’s eco-credentials could be further boosted by installing LED lighting. There wasn’t such a thing as a beautifully-designed LED light on the market at the time so we seized the opportunity and never looked back. In searching for a name, we wanted something simple, concise and abstract. Tala means many things in many languages but for us it means ‘Conservation Through Beauty’. It’s our daily reminder to stay true to our ethos and remember why we started the business in the first place.

After formulating our initial idea in Porto, we undertook extensive research into the design and manufacturing process of light bulbs and endeavoured to create a portfolio of products that were as beautiful as they were sustainable. Our first offering was our Classic Collection which mimics the timeless design of the Edison style lamp but which is built to last ten times longer. When our Design Director, Joe Armitage, joined us in 2016 we began to push the boundaries of mouth-blown glass and LED technology further, championing the light bulb as a design object in its own right, and from there our Feature and Design Collections were born.'

'As well as implementing the latest energy-saving technology, we utilise materials and techniques that have a minimal impact on the environment and help us strive for a transparent, carbon-neutral supply chain. For example our wooden pendant and touch lamp fixtures are manufactured from FSC-grade pure American oak and walnut, and our brass pendants are made from 90% recycled brass. The ongoing challenge is how we can integrate a more circular economy throughout our business and we are always looking at ways in which to achieve this.

The positive benefits of LED technology cannot be disputed. As we continue to grow as a global community our consumption of energy increases. This adds increasing pressure on our limited energy resources alongside a commitment to find more renewable sources of energy. LED lighting is a fantastic way for individuals to help lower their own carbon footprint. A Tala bulb, for example, lasts 15 times longer than a traditional bulb and, over its lifetime, prevents one tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. The problem is that LED lights still have a reputation for being clunky, cumbersome products that have a questionable light quality. At Tala it’s our ongoing mission to change this perception, one customer at a time.'

'It’s well known that trees are excellent at absorbing carbon dioxide fumes and so an extremely effective way to mitigate the climate-changing effects of carbon dioxide emissions is to plant trees. Our Ten Trees programme also ties in nicely with the fact that we take a lot of our inspiration for our designs from nature, such as the Voronoi range, and so it’s a fitting cause for us to support.

Since the founding days of Tala, we made a commitment to plant 10 trees for every 200 products sold. Although our products are fundamentally sustainable, we want to ensure that our business as a whole is carbon-neutral. We have partnered with The Heart of England Forest in the U.K. and the National Forest Foundation in the U.S. to help support reforestation in areas of the greatest need. We are on track to have planted 50,000 trees by Spring 2018.

Tala believes in responsible entrepreneurship, which is why sustainability and our Ten Trees programme is embedded at the core of our business. Our goal is to evolve and expand the scheme in areas of the greatest need, all over the world, to leave behind flourishing forests for future generations.'

[Our work with Soho House] all came down to a meeting of minds. At the time, the Soho House team was struggling to find beautiful light bulbs for their Cafe Monico project on Shaftesbury Avenue and through a chance meeting we were able to provide the perfect solution. We've since gone on to install our products in Soho House Barcelona and Kettners restaurant in Soho, London. With the launch of Soho Home, we are extremely excited that Tala bulbs will now be available online to everyone who enjoys the interiors of the members’ clubs as much as we do!

For us, our hope and ambitions are to remain true to our founding promise of Conservation Through Beauty and continue to push the boundaries creating beautiful products that utilise the latest energy-saving technologies. Until every home buys into the concept of LED lighting, we have our work cut out. These principles apply to everything that Tala designs and manufactures. Alongside our bulbs, we also manufacture a variety of fixtures, including pendants and touch lamps. These are all built from materials that are known for their durable and malleable characteristics, such as the pure FSC-grade American oak and walnut we use in our wooden knuckle pendants and touch lamps, as well as our brass pendant fixtures which are made from 90% recycled brass.

We tend not to follow trends or fads as our bulbs are designed to last for over ten years. Instead, we want to design timeless products that will suit a range of aesthetics, styles and price points. Our current favourite is our Porcelain range. Centred around four distinctive shapes - Oval, Oblo, Enno, and Noma - each bulb has been moulded from matte glass before being individually mouth-blown and sandblasted to create a series of unique and characterful forms that work as well in a series as they do on their own. Designed to provide an antidote to an overly industrialised aesthetic, the sophisticated yet playful units work well with bold colours and backgrounds, breaking up space and colour with calm orbs of white light that create an atmosphere of serene harmony in any context.'

Soho House Chicago

Located in the Fulton Market District of the city, our House in Chicago is filled with dramatic chandeliers and mid century lighting