Make the most of long midsummer days by using mirrors to bounce light around your rooms. Burnished brass and polished nickel frames bring old world glamour to the walls in our Houses from Chicago to Chiswick, while vintage finds are also an essential element in every room. Siobhan Farley, Director, In House Design & Build explains why.


Mix it up

‘We visit lots of different markets in London, the UK, France, Belgium etc. Also we have lots of dealers who send us stuff or we email them when we’re needing things. Sometimes we do art/mirror walls like at 76 Dean Street where we mix up art and mirrors to fill spaces.'

Good as old

'Other times we do one-off big mirrors above fireplaces. The bar at Babington House has a newly made mirror to fit the space which has been made to look old. We have beautiful big mirrors behind the bars at the Electric and at Farm. In the boathouse bar [at Soho Farmhouse] we have some huge vintage mirrors and shop fitting mirrors behind the bar to create the illusion of space and add some interest.'

Character piece

'Generally we go for vintage mirrors as they look old and have character so we don’t do anything to them. If you polish or clean them up too much they don’t look the same. I think it’s great if you have a new space or bathroom and you chuck in an old vintage mirror to add interest or a different texture or look.’

A fine art

‘I love all types [of mirrors]. Every space needs something different; with some vintage mirrors, the mirror is so old you cant even see yourself so you can use them in place of a piece of art. I love big convex mirrors – they feel grand and the mirror is normally heavily foxed or tarnished. But a new, simple Danish mirror in the right spot can also be great!’

Babington House

Escape to the country with a stay at our original rural idyll, Babington House