We sat down with Soho House Head of Collections Kate Bryan to find out more about the 25 year relationship Soho House has with some of the world's most exciting contemporary artists and how it continues to evolve. Kate explained how our second Editions series has something for anyone who wants to build up their own art collection.

'This is the second collection we’ve put together for Soho Home – the first one was well received so then we were like ok, what can we do next? This time we broadened it to give people a bigger sense of what our collection is – it’s a global spread and it speaks of people across thirty years of art-making, from the beginning of their career through to the much more established period. That’s what we do at Soho House; I like the fact that this collection to celebrate our 25 years aligns quite nicely with the DNA of the art collection. I didn’t want them to be too literal, we don’t need very basic, simple images of the Houses, we wanted the art to do something different.'

'Soho House has a really fantastic creative audience who are an art loving community so I think artists like to be within that kind of community. It doesn’t matter how much your work sells for, there’s something special about that peer approval, about those relationships that were formed when maybe you were in your twenties or thirties. Sue Webster’s a good example of that – she was part of the YBA phenomenon and is now a really respected, museum level artist. She's really established but she’ll never forget those amazing days at Shoreditch House or Soho House; it’s part of her story as an artist and she is so much part of our DNA.

We are one of the largest collections in the world of our kind, but back in the beginning of Soho House’s history it was much more anarchic in the way that the art was done. It was really the artists talking directly to the House, creating those relationships, popping it up on the wall whereas now we have a really formalised structure, we’re looking at museum-level artists, we’re there to champion and support younger artists, we’ve been on quite an extraordinary journey over the last couple of decades.'

Soho Warehouse Downtown LA

Take in the view of Hollywood from the rooftop pool at Soho Warehouse Downtown LA