If you're planning a cocktail party and want to serve something a bit different, try one of the most popular drinks at our newest London House, 76 Dean Street.

The '76 and the City' is a twist on the Cosmo (the signature drink of Sex and the City, hence the name) but in this case the vibrant colour comes from Hendricks gin infused with beetroot rather than the cranberry juice and vodka in a classic Cosmopolitan. It tastes as good as it looks, with fresh lime perfectly balanced by the subtle earthiness of the beetroot. Barman Gianluca showed us how to make this ruby-red cocktail.


'76 and the City'


Pinch of salt
Sugar syrup, 5ml
Lime juice, 15ml
Cointreau, 20ml
Henricks infused with beetroot, 40ml


Cocktail shaker
Barwell coupe or martini glass to serve to serve


A pinch of salt

First, chill your glass with crushed ice. We use the Barwell champagne coupe for this cocktail.

Next add a pinch of salt to the cocktail shaker.

Add the ingredients

Squeeze the lime juice into the shaker followed by the sugar syrup (always add your cheapest ingredients first so you make a mistake and need to pour the cocktail mixture away, you won't lose your spirits!)

Shake it up

Pour the Cointreau and Hendricks into the shaker, add ice and shake.

Empty the ice out of your cocktail glass.

Strain and serve

To serve, double strain the cocktail into the glass with a strainer on the shaker, and one on the glass.

Shoreditch House

Try a House cocktail for yourself at our East London club, Shoreditch House