We all know we're supposed to get our five (or is it ten?) fruit and veg a day, but sometimes life gets in the way. That's one of the (many) reasons we love House Press. Both delicious and a handy way to get a shot of goodness into your daily diet, it's joy, bottled. We asked Artur Zielinski, the man behind the colourful juices to explain how it all came about, why cold pressed juice is so good for you and what's coming next...

'I started working for Soho House about 7 or 8 years ago as a bartender at Hoxton Grill, but I’ve always been into a healthy lifestyle so I was always trying to do things to upgrade the way I feel and my health. We started the whole House Press operation three years ago in Pizza East Shoreditch. Initially it was only me playing around with the flavours, making juices and bottling them. It was a very small operation, we only supplied the juices to six sites, mostly Shoreditch House which was next door. Ayear later we moved our production to a massive space in Park Royal where we make lots of juices and supply them to all our sites across London. What I’m doing right now is creating and developing new flavours, training all our staff and doing events where I try to educate our members and customers about the benefits of cold press juice.'

'We’ve got nine juices, and one of those is a limited edition with watermelon which will finish by the end of September because watermelon season will be over and the weather won't be that great so people won't be into drinking refreshing juice. We are going to have three new products at the end of September – they won't be juices, but nut milk-based shakes and smoothies with superfoods like matcha, there’ll be one based on cold brew coffee which will be mixed with cacao and medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil – it’s like a triglyceride from coconut oil which I think is going to be really big next year because it gives your body a quick energy boost.

We’re also going to have a protein shake. We’ll replace one of our juices from the botanical range with another one called Recovery which will help you recover faster after working out. We’ll have another autumn juice based on tomatoes. If you’re familiar with our Hard Green juice that tastes super healthy, we’re going to have another one called Hard Red based on tomatoes, red peppers, beetroots, and carrots. We’re also going to have a limited edition winter juice based on seasonal ingredients like tangerines, persimmons, butternut squash, carrots – something more rooty.

We’ve got plans to make shots which will be very condensed – a mix of medicinal mushrooms, oil and oregano, something that will boost your immune system and help to improve your memory. The juices are like my little babies and it’s very hard to pick your favourite kid, right? But I would say if I drink a whole bottle of juice I always go for Hard Green. It's because I know it’s really good for me, it’s low in sugar and it’s full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Orange Crush

'Our Citrus juice with turmeric, cayenne pepper, orange and grapefruit can help boost your natural energy, speed up your metabolism and wake you up in the morning. The turmeric and cayenne pepper can even boost your mood if you're not a morning person. Energy is like Citrus' younger brother - it’s got very similar benefits but it’s made from slightly different fruits so apart from the orange you’ve got mango and passion fruit which are high in Vitamin B to help you feel more energized. We add extracts like maca and cacao to wake you up and reduce stress. The raw cacao extract is like chocolate, it helps to boost energy levels, gives you extra magnesium and helps you feel happy again.'

It's Easy Being Green

'Other juices in the morning I would say Green or Hard Green juice – it's great to have them on an empty stomach because you’ll be able to absorb more vitamins and minerals. Then as a second breakfast I would go for Red juice – it helps to increase your endorphins because it contains beetroot which is high in nitrates that speed up your blood flow, increasing oxygen in the muscles. So it’s great if you go to the gym or even if you just want to feel more energized in the afternoons instead of having another coffee.'

Get Set Glow

'Glow is our 'beauty juice'. It’s a mix of red grapes, pomegranate, guava, ginger and lime with rose extract and collagen. All the ingredients will help you get glowing skin: red grapes are high in resveratol which can help reduce wrinkles, pomegranate is high in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Guava is extremely high in Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, otherwise known as Beta Carotene which helps you have a nice tan. Vitamin C is essential if you want to produce more collagen in your body. Rose also might help you to hydrate your skin from inside, boost your mood and collagen is probably the most important ingredient. Ours is made from fish skin so obviously it’s not a vegan or vegetarian juice.'

Feed a Cold...

'We have a Ginger juice which is great to have in the winter when people start to get sick. Ginger is antibacterial, antiviral, it would be like a protective juice to boost your immune system. It’s just three ingredients – ginger, lemon and green apple – and is very refreshing. It’s one of our bestsellers and even sells very well in summertime because it’s very refreshing when it’s ice cold. All of our juices will help you boost your immune system, but definitely Ginger, Citrus because it’s got the turmeric and all the citrus fruits which are high in Vitamin C, Hard Green and Green juices.'

'In the US people have known about the benefits of cold pressed juices for the past ten years and they’ll pay $16 for 10oz of juice because they know it’s really worth it, it’s an investment in your health. But in the UK we still don’t get the idea – people think ‘oh £7 for a half litre of juice is overpriced!’ but at the same time they don’t mind paying £6 for a bottle of beer or £10 for a gin and tonic which have no health benefits whatsoever! The whole culture of drinking alcohol in the UK is very long and big so people don’t like to spend a lot on juice.

I’m trying to educate people and very often they’ll be surprised like ‘oh that all makes sense!’ To make 500ml juice we have to press around 1.5kg of raw vegetables – like a whole head of broccoli, half a cucumber, a bunch of celery sticks, a pile of spinach, a pile of parsley, two or three lemons, a big piece of ginger. If you put that on a plate – when I show this to the members – how much stuff is in one bottle they’re like ‘wow, this is a weekly or even monthly vegetable intake’ because some people don’t like to eat veggies. Once they see this and they understand all the science behind cold pressing they’re like ‘oh, so it’s probably cheaper for me to buy the juice than make it at home’ because obviously if you want to do that you have to invest in a good juicer, you have to buy good quality produce, you have to wash it, cut it and make the juice daily. So if you don’t want to spend two hours a day making the juice, I’d say our prices are pretty competitive compared to most other juice brands. I believe ours also tastes the best – and I’ve tried them all!'

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