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Courtney Love invites us into her London home to talk art, morning rituals and staying creative

We joined Soho House cover star Courtney Love for a tour of her recently-bought townhouse. Here, she shows off her new Soho Home pieces, her prized Eggleston and plans for her upcoming music release

By Megan Murray

An enduring icon across music, fashion and culture, Courtney Love isn't short of tales to tell. And, where better to hear them than her period home in London, filled with treasures and trinkets from her fascinating past.

Perched on our Luciana sofa, Love shares the stories behind five of her favourite possessions, as well as an insight into her interiors tastes, morning rituals, and much more.

Read the full interview and watch the video to get a glimpse into Love's life at home, on Soho House here.

Describe your interiors style?

'Porous borders, outside of a definitive aesthetic.'

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

'I brew some rare tea (speedy English breakfast) and down my smoothie (containing cistus, Viennese peat, probiotic, algae, chlorella, coriander), and a shot of raw kefir. I feed the animals, then I hit my knees and chant Daimoku to my gohonzon in my altar room for 20 to 45 minutes. After which, I'll face the day.'

Talk to us about your favourite work of art?

'I love my [William] Eggleston.'

Who or what inspires you to continue to create?

'I'm promiscuous in my search for inspiration. I've got too much lost time to make up for and the floodgates are open now - peak curiosity. I'm no longer online. Nor do I plan to be. Being offline inspires me. It's night and day; they know their algorithms are destroying our mental health and they don't care.'