On Randolph Street in the Fulton Market neighbourhood, surrounded by restaurants and galleries, Soho House Chicago occupies a six-storey former belt factory known as the Allis building. It combines a rooftop pool, screening room, gym and boxing ring with 40 bedrooms plus outposts of Chicken Shop and Pizza East, a Cowshed spa and Neville barber, and the Allis Bar. High ceilings provide uninterrupted views of the Chicago skyline, while subtle references to the building’s turn-of-the-century heritage come through in the furnishings and fixtures.



Design Director Vicky Charles explains "The design for Soho House Chicago was building-led. It’s an industrial warehouse building and we really started with the layers from that. It’s got beautiful finishes, big windows, and we started to build on that and then move it on – add all the softness in."

Soho House Chicago

See how our design team turned a former belt factory into a home from home by booking your own stay at Soho House Chicago